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"Hello to our friends and family! Thank you for visiting our honeymoon registry. We welcome you to look and consider...but know that, more importantly, you have blessed our lives and we look forward to sharing our special day with you! 
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Brooke & Michael's Honeymoon in Paradise

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Honeymoon Suite Upgrade 

Price per Night $219 
Requested 6 
Received 3 

Any additional samples 

Price per Night $180 
Requested 6 
Received 2 

Daily Breakfast at Resort 

Price per day $40.00 
Requested 6 
Requested 5 

Private Airport Transfers

To Hotel 

Price Per person $75 
Requested 2 
Received 1 

To Airport 

Price per Night $75 
Requested 2 
Received 1 

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